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Knowledge Evolution - How We're Unique

We Balance Convention and Innovation We Emphasize the Human Aspect
  • We combine traditional engineering expertise with deep understanding of the cutting edge:
    • Engineering discipline informs our R&D, enabling us to work effectively with limited resources.

      R&D expands the space of solutions that we explore when engineering a production system.

  • Our approach is based on people and communications:
    • Knowledge occurs within a web of beliefs, which are embodied in stories

    • To convey knowledge, engage with the underlying beliefs and stories

We are Technology Skeptics We are Technology Innovators
  • A healthy realism about technology solutions allows us to see through hype.
    • We know the technology spiral: while technology solves problems, it also creates new ones.

      We pay close attention to the ultimate stakeholder value of any proposed solution.

  • We have made original contributions to:
    • Knowledge modeling
    • Rationale capture
    • Automated reasoning
    • Diagrammatic reasoning
    • Agent-based systems
    • Software development technology
  • We are not tied to particular vendors, languages, or frameworks.

    We have worked with many. Learning new ones is our standard procedure.

    This gives us independence and the ability to choose optimal solutions while respecting the constraints of a client's environment.

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