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Dr. Sidney C. Bailin
  • I founded Knowledge Evolution in 1995, and am president of the company.

    Before that I was a Vice President of Engineering at Computer Technology Associates, where for 12 years I contributed to the software engineering, systems engineering, and R&D programs.

    Experience: My software experience is both broad and deep, ranging from development of production real-time communications systems to R&D in automated reasoning. I am also a seasoned systems engineer.

    Publications: I have published roughly 30 papers on software engineering and automated reasoning, have co-authored three books, and am named on two patents (one as sole inventor) as well as a currently pending patent.

    Education: I received a B.A. in mathematics (Summa cum Laude) from Columbia University in 1974, an M.Sc. in mathematics from Oxford University in 1976, and a D.Phil. in mathematical logic from Oxford in 1986. ("D.Phil" is Oxford's term for "Ph.D")

    I have a personal page that tells more about who I am.
photo of Sidney Bailin
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